St Peter's Lutheran School is a school of the Lutheran Church of Australia and is one of over 80 schools throughout Australia.

The School understands Christian education to be concerned with the complete development of the individual in all aspects of his/her being, namely; spiritually, personally and socially. It sees all development in knowledge, skills and attitudes as intimately and integrally related to growth in Christian faith, understanding and character.

Teachers are required to be supportive of the ethos of the School by setting an example of personal conduct consistent with this Christian environment. Teachers are expected to work in a supportive manner with the Principal, other staff and the School Board, and in general be supportive of the culture and traditions of the School.

Teacher Aide

We offer a safe Christian environment that endeavours to provide a diverse learning environment that nurtures mutual respect, love and care.

Our small class sizes and low pupil-to-teacher ratio allows us to devote the most time possible to each student and contributes to our sense of family.

This is a part-time position for 8:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday, commencing Monday 15th April.

Applications close at 4pm on Friday 15th March 2024.