School History

For many years St. Peter's congregation was very conscious of its responsibility for Christian eduction, and had already organised a Saturday School to overcome the limitations of a Sunday school. Progressively, this forward looking congregation realised the limitation of the Saturday school, so the next step a Christian day school.

Ownership and ultimate responsibility for St. Peter's Lutheran School rests with St. Peter's congregation, which regularly appoints a School Council to discharge the responsibility of overall care of the school. Day to day internal running of the school is undertaken by the appointed Principal. St. Peter's Congregation has generously supported the school financially since its inception in 1958.

St. Peter's Lutheran School was opened in 1958. A year earlier the St. Peters Lutheran Congregation had set to establish a Christian day school on a Mallee block just east of the Church yard. Initially classes were held in the hall until a portable two-classroom school was built and delivered by Stawell Timber Industries of Lake Road Stawell.

Original School Building, 1958

Dimboola is situated on the banks of the Wimmera River in the Wimmera wheat-belt with around 1600 residents. It is located in the Hindmarsh Shire in an area called the Wimmera region of Western Victoria, Australia, 334 km north-west of Melbourne and 33 km north-west of Horsham. Dimboola was named after the Sinhalese word meaning 'land of figs'. It's original inhabitants were the Wotjobaluk aboriginal people before initial European settlement in 1846.

Our School Motto

"Grow in Grace"

This text reflects our belief that God is a loving gracious God who cares for each individual. He invites and is ready to stand by each individual as he/she grows as His person.


Year Principal
1958 to 1961 Bruno Matushka
1963 to 1967 Naomi Hoff
1968 to 1972 Alan Wiebusch
1974 to 1977 Peter Etschied
1978 to 1981 Stephen Rudolph
1982 to 1987 Stuart Ahearn
1988 to 1992 Jeff Curnow
1993 to 1997 Steve Pugh
1998 to 2000 Eunice Freiburg
2001 to 2009 Leon Kroehn
2010 to 2014 Lyn Huppatz
2015 Verona Wauchope
2015 Lois Kube
2016 to current Tim Reimann


Year Pastor
1958 to 1959 Pastor Alf Miller
1960 to 1975 Pastor Lionel Janetski
1975 to 1985 Pastor Ray Schmidt
1986 to 1992 Pastor Tim Zanker
1993 to 2003 Pastor Clarrie Schefe
2004 to 2009 Pastor Martin Scharnke
2009 to 2010 Pastor Paul Kerber
2010 to 2015 Pastor Damien Martin

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